7 New Cat Breeds

There are new breeds of cats on the horizon as we enter a new era of cat breeding. You might not have ever seen some of these new cat breeds before! Previously only a figment of your imagination, these newest breeds are now a reality! Read on to learn more about them!

This article goes well with our blog post about uncommon cat breeds. Some of the cats in that post will astound you with their regal beauty.

1. American Curl

The obvious curl in their ears is why the American Curl is given that name. Along with a flat-lying coat and their large expressive eyes, this is a characteristic that is typically indicative of their breed.

Giving an Americal Curl something to play with will keep it occupied because they are playful cats. Try out the Cat Toys Collection in Gift Box from The Natural Pet Company.

2. Cheetoh Cat

Replace the face of Cheetos! The same way the original Cheetos snack does, this Cheetoh kitten will keep you hooked. It is a new breed created from Bengals and Ocicats.

They have a lot of energy and curiosity. Give them this cat toy, the Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy, to keep them interested for extended periods of time. Your cat won't want to take its claws out of this toy because it serves as both a scratch pad (to keep it off your furniture) and a plate that offers endless hours of ball-rolling enjoyment.

3. Highlander

Because they both have the distinctive curl in their ears, this cat and the American Curl look alike. You no longer need to manually pull back your cat's ears to see what it might look like, I suppose. Kidding!

A Highlander is constantly on the move! Try playing with your cat using this interactive cat toy to keep up with its antics. Cat Charmer Wand Teaser Toy: The Cat Dancer Utilize this toy to spend quality time with your cat!

4. LaPerm

This cat is definitely a fashionista! even had its fur permed, just think! That is a natural perm! This is what makes a LaPerm special—beautifully curled fur unlike anything else. Not to mention that this cat sheds less than other cats due to the type of its fur than they do? Find out more about these cat breeds here. (Read: 25 non-shedding and low shedder cats)

Use the incredible Cat Activity Play Mat cat toy to keep your LaPerm occupied! It not only amuses your cat for hours, but it also gives it exercise. ​

5. Minskin

A Minskin cat resembles a variety of breeds, including Munchkins, Sphynx cats, and perhaps Siamese cats. A Minskin is a little cat with little to no hair (akin to a Sphynx), markings on its nose and ears, and is likely descended from a Munchkin (similar to that of a Siamese cat).

Despite being small, they really enjoy playing! It's a good idea to give it an interactive cat toy to play with. The Pet Zone Fly from Spinner offers everything your cat needs to keep them occupied for hours! 

6. Toyger

A toyger is a cat breed that is quite interesting! It's a domestic cat, yet it looks a lot like its wild ancestors, like the tiger! Giving a Toyger a toy like the Catit Senses 2.0 Digger for Cats will ensure that it is occupied and away from the furnishings.

7. Peterbald

A cat with a weird name, but otherwise a lovely kitty. The Donsky and Oriental Shorthair are the parents of the Russian-born Peterbald. It sheds very little, just like the LaPerm.

The Catit Design Senses Play Circuit is a cat toy that a Peterbald might enjoy as they don't enjoy being bored. This cat toy can even be used to play with your Peterbald by other cats!

1. American Curl

1. American Curl

1. American Curl

1. American Curl

1. American Curl

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