After a heartwarming transformation, an oil-covered homeless kitten shows off his beautiful fur.

 He was covered in dirt and motor oil when he was discovered, and he required medical attention to survive.

Homeless Kitten

Because of his precarious predicament, a groomer from One 4 One Grooming and More attempted to feed and hydrate him while they sought help at a local shelter.

Fortunately, the Friends for Life Rescue Network responded and agreed to take him in. Jacqueline DeAmor, a co-founder of the rescue group, responded:

Homeless Kitten

We mistook her for being four weeks old when she was actually seven weeks old and weighed just 17 ounces.

Under all that dirty, oil-splattered fur was a beautiful white cat with a caring look that want to fight for his life. It just took one bath to see the remarkable difference.

Homeless Kitten

He was dehydrated and thin, and various tests at the rescue center revealed that he couldn’t keep food in his stomach. He needed to be transported to the emergency veterinarian, who gave him intravenous treatment and prescribed him a specific medication.

Jacqueline took the decision to become his foster mother and provide for all of his needs.

Homeless Kitten

He was syringe fed, kept warm in a heated room, and wrapped with a unique blanket that provided him with comfort.

Despite his difficult circumstances, this cute cat never gave up, meowing constantly as though he wanted to fight for his life, which he did.

Homeless Kitten

After a lengthy recovery time, the brave cat began to emerge from his shell, began to feed on his own, and understood that his carers’ arms were the optimal position for him to fully recover.

He appreciated the attention and discovering new places in his foster household. In this regard, Jacqueline stated:

Homeless Kitten

He was amused and had stopped lying down in the water dish due to dehydration. After a few days, he began to gain weight, and a week later, he emerged from hiding and returned to his new family.

Lazlo looked to have battled valiantly, but his guardians quickly learned that this small cat was a formidable opponent. Lazlo suffered from hearing loss, yet this did not prevent him from leading a completely normal life.
“All of the testing came back negative, so we don’t know what was wrong, but he’s doing OK right now.” Jacqueline saw that he has grown into a really vibrant young man.

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