Norwegian Forest Cat


History and Origins 

The Norwegian Forest Cat, thought to have originated in Scandinavia and known as the Skogkatt there, appears in Viking legend and mythology. These cats would have easily adapted to the Scandinavian climate and traveling as ships cats due to their wild and rugged appearance, strong build, and thick, waterproof coat. Breeders made a lot of effort to rescue them when they were in danger of going extinct in the early 20th century. In the 1970s, they established a specific breeding program to save the breed. King Olaf made them the official cat of Norway, granting them royal legitimacy!

Norwegian Forest Cat Fun Facts 

  • In essence, Norwegian Forest cats are water resistant. Because of how thick their two coatings are, they effectively repel water.
  • Norwegian Forest cats are regarded as Freyja's favorite pets in Norse mythology. In fact, in some representations, two of these cats are seen pulling her chariot.
  • As expected, King Olaf V named the Norwegian Forest cat as Norway's national feline in 1938.
  • They are well recognized as mythological beings, with numerous folktales depicting them as'skogkatt,' mountain-dwelling fairy cats with exceptional skills.
How It Is to Live Near a Norwegian Forest Cats are patient and playful in addition to being friendly. They prefer spending time with their family, but they also do okay when they are left alone for brief periods of time.

Forest of Norway Cats are renowned for being patient with kids and other animals. They are incredibly smart and like to climb. They are less susceptible to stress and adjust to change better than many other cat breeds.

Unlike other longhaired breeds, these cats do not require frequent maintenance despite having a thick, fluffy coat. Most of the year, brushing your teeth once each week is plenty. In the spring, brushing more frequently prevents loose hair from getting all over the house.

Things to Be Aware Of
Forest of Norway Cats enjoy having a place to nest or climb up high, therefore they adore having a cat tree.

The Norwegian Forest Cat gets along well with kids and other animals.

They should be maintained more frequently during the spring when they shed a lot.

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