Taking a Huge Cuterebra Out of a Kitten's Head


Hello there! I get the impression that you're trying to find a huge cuterebra kitten's head.
Unfortunately, I am unable to provide any. I can give you some useful information, though, that might be useful to you. A species of fly larvae known as a "cuterebra" can infect cats and other animals and cause great agony.

Please take your kitten to the veterinarian as soon as you feel they may have a Cuterebra infection so they can be properly diagnosed and treated. I appreciate you asking, and I hope this information is helpful.

With cuterebra, we've had a difficult year with kitten intake (bot fly). One of the worst is this. A few weeks ago, On the Fly entered the building with the largest robot fly in his neck. Additionally, one was already protruding from his chin.

ViacomCBS Inc., source.

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