After losing his ears due to infection, a stray cat receives a fashionable pair of crocheted ears and a permanent home.


The Dane County Humane Society rescued Lady in a Fur Coat (also known as Lady) when it was discovered that the kitten had a number of health issues. Sadly, soon after being admitted, she had to have her ear flaps removed because of severe, recurrent infections and hematomas.

Fortunately, a worker at the Dane County Humane Society knitted Kitty a cap with cat ears on it to replace her lost ears. Lady liked the gift and was quite pleased with her new ears.

After that, Lady's story was shared on Facebook in an effort to locate her a long-term residence. People all over the world fell head over heels for her as soon as the post became viral. Less than a day after the story was publicized, Lady was adopted by a generous owner.

After a few weeks in the organization, staff members took care of her, and she soon found a new set of ears, her ideal match, a permanent home, and a decent person who would give her a lot of care and a heart full of love.

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