Like a human, the cat sits on the handrail and knocks politely to be let inside.

 While Sheekilah Jones waited for the bus, she heard an odd noise. She informed the Dodo that it seemed like a door was being knocked on.

But nobody was nearby, she remarked.

Jones noticed a black cat a short distance distant. Could this possibly be to blame?

The cat then reached up to the door and grasped the metal knocker to let everyone know it was there.

It requested entry. Jones remarked, "I just couldn't believe what I was seeing.

Jones used her phone to capture the clever kitty. Will the cat be allowed in, she hoped to witness the resolution to this otherwise absurd story. Sadly, her bus came before there was any activity inside the home.

She confessed, "I was tempted to go and knock a little harder for him, but then my bus came. I then boarded the bus while still in disbelief.

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